Double Goal: Transition and Sale

Air Worthy recently took part in a very challenging project, combining the redelivery with the sale of the very same aircraft at the very same time.

Returning an aircraft to its lessor at the end of a lease period is a complex process that requires accurate planning and coordination.

This is a critical stage, because any missteps can have significant financial and reputational implications for both parties. 

Now think about combining the redelivery with the sale of the very same aircraft at the very same time…

This means a double effort for all the parties involved: lessee, owner, buyer and relevant consultants.

It’s crucial for everybody to work together closely and understand the technical, legislative, and commercial aspects of the process.

We had the pleasure to recently take part in a project like this: we took care of the pre-purchase inspection and records review of an Airbus A320 on behalf of the buyer, and we had to work in parallel with the owner’s consultants checking the aircraft at redelivery from the lessee.

We had to act as an interface with all the parties: lessor consultants, airline and the buyer.

Hundreds of findings had to be managed and checked, but a solution was found to all the items thanks to our engineering support.

When damage couldn’t be assessed because it wasn’t clearly described in the maintenance manual, we suggested asking for an evaluation of the manufacturer: this was for example necessary for a finding regarding an engine turbine vane crack we reported after witnessing the Borescope Inspection.

Thanks to our experience, our engineering knowledge and our organizational skills, the project was a success and at the end we had a happy customer able to add a new valuable asset to their portfolio.

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