Gabriele Brescianino

Founder, Accountable Manager & ARS - Maintenance Technician

20+ years of working experience first a licensed mechanic and then as a maintenance manager. 100+ aircraft physical inspections. 100+ aircraft transitions (30+ as project manager).

Lucia Soffientini

Founder, CAM & Avionics Engineer

Aerospace Engineer, 20+ years experience as an avionics engineer in airline CAMOs & in Part-21 DOA environment. High skills & experience in avionics modifications (SBs or STCs) and in operational mandates compliance check (ADS-B out, CPDLC, CAT.IDE…).

30+ Aircraft transitions, also as project manager and pre-purchase inspections. ATA: 22, 23, 24, 31, 33, 34, 45, 46.

Camilla Castellani


20+ years of past experience as quality assurance and compliance monitoring in AOC, CAMO and maintenance organisations. 10+ years of experience as Safety Manager.

Luca Bagaglio

Technical Services Manager, Quality Auditor, Aircra­ft Physical Inspector

20+ years of experience as aircraft licensed mechanic, station manager, MCC officer and on-site tech-rep. Past experience as Part 145 Quality Manager. 100+ aircraft physical inspections.

Gabriele Santoro

Planning Manager

30+ years of past experience in civil aviation as an aircraft maintenance planner. Expert of planning heavy maintenance and being an on-site rep. Very good knowledge of aircraft maintenance management software (AMOS, Oases,..). Very well experienced in technical records and reliability. 50+ transitions.

Francesco Daleo

Powerplant Engineer / Airline CAMO

20+ years of working experience as a powerplant engineer in airline CAMO department. Very good knowledge of different engine models (CFM56, LEAP-1B, V2500, PW4000, CF6…)

Very good experience in engine asset evaluation. ATA: 49, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80.

Samantha Orsini

Accounting & Customer Relationship Manager

10+ years’ experience as a project, account and customer success manager for multinational and multilingual businesses. In these roles Samantha was the main point of contact for customers and suppliers. She worked collaboratively to develop a positive customer experience and foster healthy and sustainable relationships.

At Air Worthy Samantha supports with accounting and HR and focuses on expanding our customer base and taking care of existing customers.


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