Air Worthy supports mentorship programme for gender equality

As an active business within the Italian Municipality of Lodi, Air Worthy is keen to advocate and support fairness and opportunities for the development of young people in the workplace.

On the international subject of improving gender equality within the world of business, the Municipality of Lodi has introduced a mentorship programme for local companies to participate in, called ‘Mentorship Lodi’.

This initiative aims to support the empowerment of young women by assigning them to a senior figure in the Lodi business community who, in the role of Mentor, can inspire their Mentee, encourage and nurture their ambition and support them in enhancing their own skills and aptitudes.

As such, Air Worthy’s founding partner and Continuing Airworthiness Manager, Lucia Soffientini, has become involved in the programme. She will be responsible for the mentorship of a young woman of school age, who is keen to build a career in business.

Aligned to the intentions of the United Nations 2030 Agenda (objective no. 5) regarding female equality, the strategic objectives of the programme are:

  • Promote the emergence and experimentation of innovative paths and 'good practices' related to work, for the additional benefit to the local community
  • Support the active role of women by increasing the network of relationships and collaborations and facilitating the transition of skills.
  • Pursue the goals set by the Next Generation EU programme and the 2030 UN Agenda concerning "a quality, equitable and inclusive education and learning opportunities for all and to the and empowerment of girls and women'.
  • Tackling the 'gender gap' regarding salary differentiation at all levels of leadership by facilitating them in orientation towards work, the choice of higher education, career progression/change in a variety of professional fields and in sharing life experiences.
  • Stimulate female networking between generations, to develop in young women greater professional awareness and self-esteem, the ability to cultivate their talents and to enhance their skills.

Commenting on her involvement in ‘Mentorship Lodi’, Lucia Soffientini, said:

“Having recently introduced our own engineering apprenticeship in support of university graduates, it is a natural extension that we also look to assist and develop younger students as they start to think about their career choices. Air Worthy is privileged to be involved in the Mentorship Lodi programme and I’m sure it will deliver a valuable contribution to individuals and the local community.”


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